Products & Services

  • Liquidity: One of the advantages of being invested in marketable securities versus other types of investments such as private equities, hedge funds or real estate, is liquidity. We think clients should always have the ability to liquidate their investments at any time.
  • Full portfolio personalization: our portfolio managers can create individual strategies based on  each client’s unique cash flow needs, risk tolerance and  tax situation
  • Trading in over 65 global equity markets and access over 50 currencies


  • Transparency on performance, fees and reporting: You have the ability to see and understand what you are invested in. As a client of GC Group Capital, you have 24-hour on-line access to your account with the most up to date market information so you can assess the value of your holdings at any time.
  • Cost Efficiency: We perform asset allocation and selection in-house which, in turn, provides a cost savings to clients by not outsourcing this function to a third party.

relationship & advice

  • We believe that our responsibility towards you and your family goes above and beyond the financial nature of our mandate.
  • We aim to create and maintain a relationship of trust that is built to last.
  • To protect the integrity of our advice we have partnered with some of the world’s top global research firms.
  • We provide a weekly newsletter to clients so they remain informed at all time of our economic and investment views.

privacy protection

  • No proprietary trading activities that could put your capital at risk.
  • Independent Compliance Supervision by Tigress Financial Partners, LLC, and Pershing, LLC.
  • Global custody with Pershing, one of the world’s largest securities’ clearing firms. 
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