Top-down Approach

We provide the expertise to build sophisticated investment strategies, specifically designed to get market exposure while taking into consideration the investor’s risk tolerance and through extensive sector, industry and company analysis.

In the investment process, our team of financial analysts and portfolio strategists favors an ex-ante and comprehensive understanding of global macro and microeconomic outlooks. After an accurate and in-depth analysis of global market conditions, worldwide macroeconomic data and major ongoing economic trends, we carefully identify those economies that are most likely to benefit from current global market conditions and, within them, those sectors poised for strong growth.

After careful review we are able to identify the stocks of those companies that are most likely to outperform the market within the most promising sectors. In doing so, we advise investors on appropriate risk mitigation strategies via cash or derivatives markets.

Based on our experience, we believe that a deep understanding of the global economy is fundamental to select the best securities, especially in today’s uncertain economic environment. Our top-down approach to global investing enables us to develop a portfolio structuring process that is mostly based on our forecasts and macro views rather than wholesale contracts and company sales incentives, thereby providing yield stability and risk-efficiency.


Every effective top-down investment analysis culminates with a professional security research: after evaluating the companies’ intrinsic values, our team analyzes each security issued. In order to properly conduct research we make use of many different sources, so that we can provide you with the best stock options in the industry.

Research for Global Capital Group is currently provided by: S&P, Bloomberg, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Tigress Financial Partners LLC and Morningstar.

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