Every investment, especially in the short term, involves some degree of risk, with the possibility of incurring a loss

Many investors are already familiar with the risk-reward concept. When investing there is a trade-off between risk and return: the higher the risk you accept to bear when buying a security, the greater the resulting profit.

While risk is an unavoidable aspect of each investment, we strongly believe that it can be contained through professionally-implemented risk management tools.

Each client is unique and an expert assessment of their risk-profile is fundamental to building the best portfolio allocation. There are two important factors that we consider when deciding on the optimal amount of risk for your portfolio:

1)    Time Horizon: Your financial objectives determine how long you need to keep your money invested in order to achieve your goals. Giver that long-term investors have more time to recover losses, if you are planning to keep your money invested for long periods (i.e. retirement) you can afford to take a higher amount of risk in order to gain good returns

2)   Loss Aversion and Risk Tolerance: It is important to understand your Risk Tolerance, that is, the loss you can tolerate without experiencing liquidity issues. The more you are willing to invest, the more risk (and thus yield) you can bear.

By “financial hedging” we mean a security transaction aimed at reducing the overall risk of an existing investment position, thereby offsetting the risk of incurring a loss from adverse price movements in the held asset.
A hedging strategy is typically implemented by taking an offsetting position in a security which is related to the held asset. If you have invested in stocks of a given company, for example, we can hedge this position by entering a futures contract, stating that you commit to sell your stock to the counterpart at a fixed price, therefore protecting your money from future market price fluctuations. Our professionally-implemented hedging strategies enable our clients to profit (or at least avoid to suffer a loss) regardless of future changes in the asset price.

Our team of experienced financial professionals are firm advocates of risk diversification. We strongly advise our clients against putting all their eggs into one basket. As such, our clients’ portfolios are highly diversified across asset classes (Equity, Fixed Income etc.), countries (emerging and/or developed) and industries. This investment strategy enables us to diminish the overall risk associated with the portfolio.

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