With decades of experience in Asset Management, we will help you pursue your financial objectives

We provide guidance on protecting and growing your assets, managing risk, planning for the transfer and/or succession of your estate.

As we do not trade proprietary products, your investment plan will be designed and implemented exclusively in your best interest. In the absence of any conflict of interest, we can provide unbiased advice and well-structured investment plans.

Financial planning consists of meeting your life goals by appropriately managing your finances. Whether you’re thinking about planning your retirement, saving for your children’s education or simply protecting your assets for your family, we will help you determine which financial planning strategy best suits your needs.

In today’s uncertain economy it is important to begin planning your financial future in advance, setting long and short term goals and the most tax-efficient way to achieve them. We offer a wide variety of financial planning services tailored to your unique needs and personal goals:

  • Investment Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Preservation and Transfer 
  • Succession Planning 

Thanks to an expert client profiling process, we will advise you on what type of service will be more suited for your financial objectives, creating and implementing the needed legal and financial structure. Moreover, a periodic performance measurement and reporting service will enable you to be routinely aware of your asset allocation and financial performance.

Our team will work to help you build a comprehensive wealth plan for the trust, in line with your individual long and short term financial objectives.

Trusts are an important Wealth Management tool to achieve tax-efficient solutions for gifting, wealth preservation and transfer and much more. From asset transfer to family trusts, our experienced team will help you to provide financial security for your spouse or future generations and implement customized wealth transfer strategies. 

We provide the expertise to structure and manage the trust, protecting the real value of your assets during your lifetime through professional investment management services. Our clients have worked hard to build and/or maintain their wealth during their lifetime and we are aware of the complexities that preserving what you have created and passing it on to future generations may involve.

For this reason our wealth strategies team is committed to assisting you and your dependents step by step throughout this delicate process, creating a lasting and solid legacy based on your personal financial goals and values. We can build customized trusts, providing expertise in areas such as charitable, estate and financial planning and tax reduction. We offer guidance on:

  • Trust administration and dispute resolution
  • Legal and Tax advice
  • Effective tax and Insurance planning
  • Professional Asset Management
  • Custodian Services
  • Financial security
  • Usability of your assets

When managing the trust, we carefully fulfill trust provisions, always acting in the interest of the beneficiaries to protect, transfer and grow its assets.

We provide sound investment solutions to our international and US clients, specifically designed to meet investors’ specific needs. What we can offer to our clients is:

  • Proactive and customized service
  • Regular valuations and performance reporting
  • Asset allocation services
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • Periodic performance reporting

In order to provide the highest level of support, we base our investment decision on independent research for equity and fixed income securities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and so on. We have access to global research through our main affiliations, including:

  • BNY Mellon
  • Credit Suisse
  • Morningstar
  • Tigress Financial Partners, LLC

For domestic and international clients, we aim to meet your liquidity needs through a wide variety of multi-currency lending services.

  • Margin Lending: it consists of buying securities using a combination of your own funds and additional borrowed funds. Margin borrowing is a tool used to leverage your existing wealth;
  • Secured Non-Purpose Lending in 14 Currencies: an individual borrows money from a lending institution. The amount lent is based on the value of the assets held by the buyer, which are the collateral. The difference with Margin Lending is that the funds are not necessarily used to buy securities
  • Fully Paid Securities Lending
  • Loans against US Restricted Stock
  • USD Mortgages for USA and Non-USA Real Estate
  • Loan Advances
  • Cross-Currency Lending

We believe that the importance of our relationship and our responsibility towards you and your family go above and beyond the financial nature of our mandate.  We strongly believe in creating and maintaining a relationship of trust that is built to last.

In addition, to protect the integrity of our advice we have associated ourselves with top global research firms.  This will provide you with an aggregate of opinions; therefore you will be better informed and receive more accurate and comprehensive advice.

Finally, we have employed Albridge (, a leader in financial risk and return reporting, to communicate to you the performance and risk data of your portfolio.

                                    Performance + Integrity + Protection = Trust

We can act as an independent adviser to your assets held with other banks.

  • Like your current bank: Global Capital Group can function as an investment consultant to your assets held with your bank of choice
  • Second Opinion: Two investment opinions are better than one
  • Trust Accounts: We can be appointed as the asset manager or trustee of offshore and non-offshore trust accounts
  • Delivery-Versus-Payment: Delivery-versus-Payment is a term used for trading with one firm while the assets are held by a different firm. Some clients take advantage of such a relationship because their bank does not have the product availability or simply for cost advantages
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