For our clients with high international exposure – whether for business or lifestyle – or for those who simply want to hold some of their assets outside of their country for estate planning, we offer offshore investing accounts.

For our non-USA clientele who desires an account outside the USA we offer our offshore investment center in Switzerland.  It provides our clients with flexible and tax-efficient Investment and Wealth management products and services. Our affiliated partner in Switzerland are regulated with the Swiss Authority and custody with respected institutions across Europe, offering a safe and convenient location for your wealth.

Clients with an offshore bank account managed by Global Capital Group have access to a wide range of financial products that might not be available in their respective countries, together with the ability to manage their wealth in a variety of currencies around the globe. If you are planning to move to another country, holding a part of your wealth offshore could be the best choice: wherever you are, it will be much easier for you to manage your money.

What are the benefits of holding an offshore account?

  • Privacy: Swiss custodians’ reputations focus on privacy protection
  • Knowledge and Confidentiality: Combine the knowledge of one of the biggest investment centers of the world with the confidentiality of two of the most private banking centers of the world
  • Litigation Management: Because of the private nature of the account, clients can rest assured that any legal litigation would be harder
  • Local Tax Laws are in Favor of Foreign Capital:  Swiss jurisdictions are more favorable on Estate Taxes and Dividend /Gains Taxes

Disclosure: Clients utilizing offshore accounts are responsible to report their non-local accounts to their local tax authority.  Global Capital Group will require to identify the clients and the source of funds as well as every transfer will be documented carefully and may require detailed proof.

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