Since the crises of 2000 and 2008 integrity in the financial industry has been put into question more than ever before. When it comes to the investment and financial decision-making process, Global Capital Group adheres to a strict code of moral values with an emphasis on placing the interests of our clients first. We encourage our team to use the highest ethical standards in making investment decisions as well as managing our personal relationships with our clientele.


We are extremely proud of our independent status. With Global Capital Group you will immediately benefit from our global and highly diversified services and products that independent advisers can offer.  While your assets are held with and protected by major financial institutions, our advice is sourced from other non-related enterprises to protect our independence of opinion and not be influenced by internal corporate policies.


Many people confuse integrity with trust. We believe that trust is nurtured and earned over time through consistent integrity and reliability coupled with financial expertise. We make it our responsibility to have the ethical standards to make the right decisions for our clients, and to have the proven knowledge to take the proper actions for them. At Global Capital Group we take pride in providing you with the integrity you deserve, the protection you seek, and the trust you bestow upon us.


You and your family have worked hard to achieve your financial success. As your investment manager we make it our duty to serve and protect your financial well-being and your privacy.

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