Our international investment team provides our clients with the benefit of a wide range of globally-oriented and multi-currency investment solutions.

Based on an ex-ante analysis of your specific financial situation, income needs and risk tolerance, we design and implement sophisticated investment strategies to help you achieve both long and short term financial goals.

Our products are not proprietary; therefore we solely act in the interest of the client. Investing with a partner such as Global Capital Group enables a series of unparalleled benefits, including:

  • Open Source: Full access to global investment products;
  • Personalized Investments: Agreements can be made with different fund management companies;
  • Cross Bank Advisory: Advisory services for portfolios held with other banks;
  • Superior Execution: Faster and better trade execution through Pershing LLC providing guidance and monitoring on execution quality;
  • Independent Supervision: Independent Compliance Supervision by Tigress Financial Partners, LLC and Pershing LLC

Global Capital Group provides the expertise to help you build a well-balanced equity portfolio, tailored to your needs and risk tolerance and structured so that you can obtain solid returns in the short-run, while focusing on a sustainable growth in the long-term.

We can trade in more than 120 developed and emerging equity markets worldwide. This global network enables us to offer a well-diversified portfolio composition and hedge the existing investment positions through professional and risk management awareness tools.
Our experienced multilingual team will lead you through the investment process, with an unparalleled focus on your needs and interests.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with  Pershing LLC we can electronically execute our clients’ global trades 24/7 through a series of proprietary and third-party platforms with advanced capabilities. We have access to listed and over-the-counter (OTC) executions on 120 exchanges globally, trading both USD and non-USD denominated securities.

Thanks to our international investment team, our clients benefit from a wide range of globally-oriented and multi-currency investment solutions.

Although generally perceived as the most stable and conservative asset class, the Fixed Income market is becoming increasingly complex. Our fixed income professionals have the expertise to manage your global Fixed Income assets according to your risk tolerance and yield needs while helping you to understand the risks associated with this asset class.

Trading in over 65 markets around the clock, our Fixed Income Desk provides our clients with a transparent pricing process and access to a wide range of multi-currency securities, carefully chosen according to your personal needs and requests.

We also offer direct trade negotiations through Bloomberg, the most appreciated trading tool among professional traders. Together with Pershing Fixed Income Market Making facilities, Global Capital Group capital ensures high liquidity for a wide series of Fixed Income products, thus protecting our clients from potential losses due to low liquidity.

Our expertise will support you step-by-step during the investment process, enabling you to take advantage of the increasing number of trading opportunities in today’s complex financial markets

Most of our clients have global exposure, either due to their business or lifestyle. Active management of currency risk is fundamental to obtaining stable returns and protecting our clients’ wealth. Moreover, expert and pro-active Forex investing can be an important tool to diversify our clients’ portfolios, hedge risk and boost investment returns.

Due to its huge trading volume and liquidity, geographical dispersion and 24-hour operations, the foreign exchange market presents interesting investment opportunities. In order to benefit from these, we offer our clients a vast range of FX products and strategies, together with a professional and global execution through Pershing LLC FX currency desk.

Thanks to our 24-hour access to the major global Forex markets, Global Capital Group can offer a wide range of Forex trading services, in over 50 global currencies. We have the expertise to execute speculative or hedging strategies in the FX Spot and Forward markets.

An alternative investment is an investment product that is not included in the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash. This is an extremely vague term, which can include both tangible assets (i.e. precious metals, art, wine, antiques etc.) and financial assets (i.e. commodities, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, options and financial derivatives, etc.)

Alternative investments offer interesting investment opportunities. Due to their low correlation with traditional asset classes, they represent an effective tool for risk diversification and management. Allocating a small portion of your portfolio to alternative investments could indeed be an effective strategy to hedge our investment positions. 

Our independent status allows us not only the opportunity to provide our clients with unbiased and client-focused investment strategies and recommendations, but also to have investment agreements with funds worldwide, from Art Investments to Hedge Funds and Private Equity.

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